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Well… what can I say? I am really grateful that we had to do this Blog for our class because I know for sure that I wouldn’t have got myself that deep into news, media and journalism. I really enjoyed doing some work like this which is completely different from what we do for other subjects.

I learned how incredibly fast technology advances and affects your every day without you ever noticing. That is something else for which I am also glad that I took this subject!

You know all those changes Facebook has gone through… Facebook is one (if not the most) popular social media in the world, and sometimes we do not notice how much it influences our daily life. It might have started as a way to connect with other people, and still there are many that join Facebook for that same purpose. But really Facebook now a day has become something much much more than social connection. It is one of the fastest ways to spread news.
It seems for me, that news report is something in constant development… if you turn your tv on to watch the news or something. Well let’s say it, news channels aren’t what they used to be! Now a day they are more interested in getting high levels of ranking and getting the young adults attention rather than on really reporting news. Sometimes you are just watching and thinking, is this for real? Isn’t it there no real news to report???

So why not choose Facebook? you not only can see what other people are doing, have a chat with some friends, watch some funny videos, etc… but also read the news.

It is like with newspapers, are they coming to an end?? They might do so, who is buying news paper these days? I am not talking about internet but about actual newspapers, I can’t remember when was the last time I purchased a newspaper. If and when I want to read a piece of news or want to see what is happening with the world, I go to the newspapers/news channels websi
te and read It from there. It is quicker, shorter and I save some money.

It is hard to realize that, those mini changes we are going through everyday (eg: reading the newspaper online instead of buying it) are actually affecting in a big scale the way of getting up-to-date; The news market, technology, etc.

Are we prepared for all the changes to come? Do we really want all the changes? Are they slowly and quietly injected to us? Do we have a saying in all these?


Where does gambling leave the sports fan?

In the last days and shortly before the Australian Open, new allegations on fraud in professional tennis were reported. Anonymous whistleblowers published that some of the Top tennis players were involved in allegations on fraud. 16 to 50 top ranked players, even winners of Grand Slam titles, are suspected to have lost their matches on purpose while at the same time there where high bets on their loss. Although no names have been published apparently even 8 of this players are to play at this year Australian Open (one of the four largest tennis tournaments). Reports show that the players where targeted in their hotels before the games and offered USD 50,000 or more to participate in fixing their matches. Apparently tennis is a sport that is perfectly vulnerable for corruption since there are many thousands of matches a year and a huge gambling universe covering it. In my opinion it is really sad to see that the gambling industry is corrupting professional sports and that this did not happen just once or twice but several times and with a large number of players. The excitement of the sport is destroyed by corrupt players and greedy gamblers. This leaves the sports fan – who only wants to enjoy an exciting match – not knowing on what moves he can believe and in which players he can honestly trust.

2014 Australian Open Previews
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 05: An Australian Open tennis ball rests on the court of the newly redeveloped Margaret Court Arena ahead of the 2014 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 5, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)





El Chapo

In the last days you could read in the newspapers that Mexican authorities where able to capture “El Chapo Guzman” – again.

He is the well known head of the Mexican sinaloa cartel who managed to escape prison – for the second time – six months ago. He describes his activities in an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine as follows:”I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world”.

The fact that an insanely powerful drug Lord managed to escape prison and lived in freedom the last six months is dramatic enough, but even as interesting is the fact of how “El Chapo” was imprisoned this time.  After the imprisonment you could read that he had met the famous actor Sean Penn in October 2015 for a secret, (7-hour) interview Session for Rolling Stone Magazine in the Mexican jungle.

I think it is remarkable how such a famous actor can conduct a clandestine interview with one of the most wanted and most feared criminals of Mexico without  notifying authorities about that. Or was the Sean Penn interview in the end an important lead for the investigators to find Sean Penn? In the press you can read different views on this, some criticizing the actor, some saying he led the police to the hiding drug lord. All in all a very exciting news with some more, interesting twists to come.

Fun with News

Can one make fun of news?

So I spent my holidays in Spain and a “news” program caught my attention. I realized there is a new modality to deal with news, in order to in one hand really get the attention of the people to some news and on the other to “laugh” or take some matters in a more relaxed way.


I know “El Intermedio”, the Spanish program is not the first one or the only one out there making “fun” of news, or reporting them in a, let’s say, different way.


There is also Russell Howard’s “Good News” in his last episode (Season 10, episode 8) he talks about the Floods happening in the UK, but he makes fun between many things of the ways it is reported and of the prime minister. He takes the catastrophe, takes some clips from here and there and turns it into something funny to watch.

I think it is an amazing idea, to turn such sad and terrible things into laugh. It is a way to make people relax and see things from a different angle. It’s good to laugh at our own mistakes and to try to see things from a brighter side.


Russel Howard’s GOOD NEWS S10E8


Corrupt Journalism, can we fix it?

Let’s take Argentina as an example of Politic Journalism. The old government- the Kirchners- installed the idea that since there was an opposite journalism (this means against the government, this means against her- Cristina Kirchner) there had to be then, an “official” one. This is a HORRIBLE idea because, if we say that there is Journalism in favour of one or other party then what is the idea of real journalism? Journalism should not be political. Yes, true, around the world and most of the times they give a really subtle hint of their opinion, but in Argentina it is something completely obvious. You are either with or against the government…

This is a very difficult thing for journalism in Argentina since now, with the new President, and with things changing as they are, journalist who were against each other now will need to work together, and that is something really hard to do and to “change”. It is not something that can be done from one day to the other.

The job of a Journalist is to communicate things/news, to communicate the bad things that are happening, they should put in evidence the people who are doing things in a wrong or illegal way. A journalist should be real, honest and trustful. He or she should not let temptations, lets say money, power, etc. get in their way because they will only last for just a little amount of time. In Argentina a journalist couldn’t expose a corrupt member of the government or a corrupt colleague, because they are also corrupt and because before they get to expose somebody, they get a really good ($$$$) offer or a threat.

Corruption has taken most of the Argentinian journalism and this is something that HAS to be fixed. How?  People should stop following those papers or journalists that are corrupt or, that they know are liars. And also the companies should do something when they know they have a corrupt or liar Journalist, they should take matters into their own hands.

Donald Trump and his 10 crazy ideas…

I was in shock after reading a BBC article about his ideas and how he thinks… I mean in which century are we? and he expects to be chosen the next US president! I think I’ve read such things in history books when I was at school, and it was always from the bad guys you know… Is he getting crazier every day that passes? Or is he just the future Bad guy and we must expect something horrible coming from him?


In the BBC article one can see 10 ways, in my opinion, in which he went crazy!

I’ll mention the most interesting ones…


#1 He is 100% sure that the world would be much better if Sadam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still alive. He said to CNN that he believes the situation in Libya and Iraq is much worse know than when they where in the power


#2 He believes US should use stronger ways of torture in extreme interrogations… like “fake drowning”


#3 Trump believes they can and should bomb the IS and make it vanish… scary for a possible future US president, don’t you think?


#4 He believes that global worming is fraud and a lie and that it is only harming the economy.


#5 He said a Nation without borders is not a nation… to this he states that when and if he is president, he would end with the “born” citizenship (that provides people born in US soil to be US citizens) and that he would deport the almost 11 million immigrants that live in the US.  This is a xenophobic way of thinking that goes way back to history… instead of moving forward it seems he wants to go back… and history has proved itself not to be entirely good sometimes.


#6 Trump wants to befriend Putin… if that isn’t SUPER CRAZY! Like come on US and Russia ?!?! friends??…


Last, he truly believes he is a good guy…

Finally, a Change for Argentina

We argentines have finally chosen to fight for their rights! After the 22 of November, the last elections, Macri (the future president of Argentina) has put an end to the Kirchnerism. For the ones who don’t know, they ruled Argentina for the last 12 years and they have made a mess of a country (apart from being the ones that stole most from the people)  that has everything to be one of the main leaders of the world, because let’s just face it…Argentina has everything BUT a good leader.That’s in my opinion the reason why we can’t grow as a country, and because we argentines believe we are always right, that we own the world and that we can do what ever we want… and this is not only my humble opinion,  but it is something you can see just traveling there. You see it on the streets, the way people behave, etc… YES we are nice, funny, open… as characters, Argentinians are always welcoming everyone to their lives, they would always try to make you feel good and are almost always happy. But the last past years as an argentine you couldn’t see this characteristic that is on each one of us, we were all the time complaining and arguing, always looking to the negative side, and ALWAYS expecting the worst to happen to us. Almost like a bad joke, good thing is we know how to laugh at ourselves.

After winning against what represents laziness, theft and corruption (Kirchnerism basically), the argentine people started celebrating, because for us it means much more. Now we can dream with a better “something” for us…

What I loved most from this wining…are all the jokes we get to make for our, thanks God not for too long, President “Cristi” (as some of us call her).


And What about Africa?

Many countries are at war right now… and they are spending millions of dollars in armament, guns, army, etc. … ok many may argue that now war can’t be over from one day to the other, and that now they need to finish what they started…

But what about before? Africa has been dealing with hunger for centuries now, and many people seem to forget this. And not only Africa… check these numbers, they make me shiver!!! Africa may be the country with more percent of people with hunger… but the numbers for the developing countries are alarming. (the following is taken from the WFP website)

  1. Approximately 795 million people around the world don’t have access to a healthy and active way of That’s more or less one every nine people on earth.
  2. The majority of the people that suffer from hunger in the world live in developed countries, where 13.5% of the population presents malnutrition. Note that the developed countries are the strongest ones at war and the ones spending more money on it.
  3. Africa is the region with more hunger in the world. One every four people present malnutrition.
  4. Malnutrition is the cause of almost half (45%) of the death in children under five – 3,1 million kids every year.
  5. In the developed countries approximately 100 million kids are under the normal weight.
  6. Also in the developing countries 66 million kids who still are in primary school, go to class with hunger. Only in Africa there are 23 million.
  7. According to the World Food Programme, about US$3,2 thousand million are needed per year to reach each 66 million kids, that are still in primary school, with hunger.
.A refugee from the Mbororo tribe, prepares the food in Baturi (Camerun) (picture taken from the El Mundo. Newspaper.Imagen 1

If we all get together, as we did for Paris… maybe we can find a solution to problems that exist long ago than the ISIS, (to set an example of something that is happening now)


This is a war that we can all fight and that with just a little work we can save thousand million lives…


If you want to know more about it, I suggest this website:

you can even make a donation =)

Among super heroes… War Journalists

After the past few days and our last class… I tried, among many many things, to imagine how would it be to work as a Journalist during war.

I thought about what we said in class, how quick and stressful life of a journalist is when something big happens, how they must run to interview people, “eyewitnesses”, etc. … Trying to get the stories from first hand and at the same time write it as fast as possible to send it to the print in order to be one of the first to write about it. So if we say that “normal” Journalists have a hard time already, what about war journalists? They don’t have ONLY to run to get the piece of news on time, and to try to be the first one publishing it…they really have to run for their lives. They must see so much more, than what they just retell later. Families, dreams, happiness being destroyed, dead bodies of innocent people, friends or mates. Just to get the perfect picture, the ultimate news, just to get us always 100% informed about everything that’s happening. But yet, although they do so much for us… people just don’t realize about the danger they are going through, about how war may change their lives radically. We just wake up every morning, we turn on the TV or we grab the newspaper, read/watch the news and just feel sad or angry or whatever for the people or country or whatever it is going on… and then we go to work, to school, to continue with our normal lives without not even stopping for a second to think about them or to pray for them. In my humble opinion, it is a super risky job and not so much rewarding in the end. But yes someone has to do it… only the brave ones and super courageous ones make it. I take my hat off for all those great women and men out there risking their lives to get us up to date! I know I couldn´t do it…

World News

Yesterday I propose myself to watch the news, so I turned on the BBC channel.

So… between the headlines, supposed to be the most important things happening today in the world, we could find…(in the following order:)

  1. Cameron sets out EU reform goals. (ok this is important, they are trying to decide whether to stay in the EU or to leave.)
  2. Athletics doping report—Russian athletes were accused of doping so “The World Anti-Doping Agency independent commission report said Russia should be banned from athletics competition for running a “state-supported” doping programme” (BBC news online.) This was breaking news.
  3. “Myanmar’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has requested meetings with the military-backed leadership next week to discuss national reconciliation.” (BBC news online.)
  4. Helmut Schmidt dies at 96
  5. Maggie Smith feels she is “stuck” playing “a mean old cow”.
  6. Allen Toussaint an US singer dies in Madrid.
  7. Google maps upgraded to work offline (this was world news…)

as you can imagine, 30 min later I turned off the TV… I couldn´t believe, that with everything that is happening nowadays in the world, we have between the headlines in a “serious” broadcasting and between some important news… that Google maps was upgraded, that the actress Maggie Smith feels old, and that the Russian athletes were accused of doping. Don’t get me wrong…I think that Maggie Smith is an amazing actress, and I really like her…but is it SUCH an important piece of news to be between the headlines? Same with google maps and the sports news… If I want to read about google upgrades or sports, I would check the sports channel or google news. I think that maybe in a longer broadcast where many many topics are dealt with, one can also talk about these “interesting” matters. But with everything that is happening in the world, like for instance… the million refugees coming to Germany (?) to mention only 7 headlines, in a what I supposed from the time 19:00, from a “summary” of yesterdays… it was a bit lame. I was really looking forward to listen to the important news… I sat down and thought, ok now let’s see what’s happening with the world, it was truly disappointed…

(I had to quote some things from the online website…because I couldn’t remember exactly some names, or the way in which they presented the news…)