News is bad for you.

While reading Rolf Dobelli’s article “News is bad for you- and giving up reading it will make you happier” about how news is bad for us I couldn’t stopp thinking about how news work in Latin America. In his article he explains why and how, I might say I agree with him although not 100%. I think we can apply his article to countries where the media is controlled by the government, and where people are ‘mass people’ and they don’t think by themselves…

Lets take Argentina as an example. When Dobelli talks about how “news mislead” and how  irrelevant news are, I couldn’t stop thinking about how my society, the argentine society, is represented. Whenever you turn on your tv to watch the news, all you see are funny videos or gossip news or irrelevant topics instead of talking about what really matters, like the problems with the ISSIS or the hunger in Africa or at least what really is going on in the country. The media in this country is controlled by the government and companies and they decide what is news and what doesn’t. I am actually used to not consume news media at all because

I think he is, in many ways, accurate with what he writes in his article, but I also think it is  very sad news. I think this world is full with interesting  and very important news and we should be more interested in whats happening around us… what is happening globally with the people with the world. I disagree with him in that we should stop consuming news media, I think we need to learn to discern what is important and really relevant to our world and necessary. He also says that “society needs journalism”. … an “investigative journalism is always relevant” that’s exactly what we need! we need real journalism the one that “uncovers truth”!


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