World News

Yesterday I propose myself to watch the news, so I turned on the BBC channel.

So… between the headlines, supposed to be the most important things happening today in the world, we could find…(in the following order:)

  1. Cameron sets out EU reform goals. (ok this is important, they are trying to decide whether to stay in the EU or to leave.)
  2. Athletics doping report—Russian athletes were accused of doping so “The World Anti-Doping Agency independent commission report said Russia should be banned from athletics competition for running a “state-supported” doping programme” (BBC news online.) This was breaking news.
  3. “Myanmar’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has requested meetings with the military-backed leadership next week to discuss national reconciliation.” (BBC news online.)
  4. Helmut Schmidt dies at 96
  5. Maggie Smith feels she is “stuck” playing “a mean old cow”.
  6. Allen Toussaint an US singer dies in Madrid.
  7. Google maps upgraded to work offline (this was world news…)

as you can imagine, 30 min later I turned off the TV… I couldn´t believe, that with everything that is happening nowadays in the world, we have between the headlines in a “serious” broadcasting and between some important news… that Google maps was upgraded, that the actress Maggie Smith feels old, and that the Russian athletes were accused of doping. Don’t get me wrong…I think that Maggie Smith is an amazing actress, and I really like her…but is it SUCH an important piece of news to be between the headlines? Same with google maps and the sports news… If I want to read about google upgrades or sports, I would check the sports channel or google news. I think that maybe in a longer broadcast where many many topics are dealt with, one can also talk about these “interesting” matters. But with everything that is happening in the world, like for instance… the million refugees coming to Germany (?) to mention only 7 headlines, in a what I supposed from the time 19:00, from a “summary” of yesterdays… it was a bit lame. I was really looking forward to listen to the important news… I sat down and thought, ok now let’s see what’s happening with the world, it was truly disappointed…

(I had to quote some things from the online website…because I couldn’t remember exactly some names, or the way in which they presented the news…)


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