Among super heroes… War Journalists

After the past few days and our last class… I tried, among many many things, to imagine how would it be to work as a Journalist during war.

I thought about what we said in class, how quick and stressful life of a journalist is when something big happens, how they must run to interview people, “eyewitnesses”, etc. … Trying to get the stories from first hand and at the same time write it as fast as possible to send it to the print in order to be one of the first to write about it. So if we say that “normal” Journalists have a hard time already, what about war journalists? They don’t have ONLY to run to get the piece of news on time, and to try to be the first one publishing it…they really have to run for their lives. They must see so much more, than what they just retell later. Families, dreams, happiness being destroyed, dead bodies of innocent people, friends or mates. Just to get the perfect picture, the ultimate news, just to get us always 100% informed about everything that’s happening. But yet, although they do so much for us… people just don’t realize about the danger they are going through, about how war may change their lives radically. We just wake up every morning, we turn on the TV or we grab the newspaper, read/watch the news and just feel sad or angry or whatever for the people or country or whatever it is going on… and then we go to work, to school, to continue with our normal lives without not even stopping for a second to think about them or to pray for them. In my humble opinion, it is a super risky job and not so much rewarding in the end. But yes someone has to do it… only the brave ones and super courageous ones make it. I take my hat off for all those great women and men out there risking their lives to get us up to date! I know I couldn´t do it…


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