Finally, a Change for Argentina

We argentines have finally chosen to fight for their rights! After the 22 of November, the last elections, Macri (the future president of Argentina) has put an end to the Kirchnerism. For the ones who don’t know, they ruled Argentina for the last 12 years and they have made a mess of a country (apart from being the ones that stole most from the people)  that has everything to be one of the main leaders of the world, because let’s just face it…Argentina has everything BUT a good leader.That’s in my opinion the reason why we can’t grow as a country, and because we argentines believe we are always right, that we own the world and that we can do what ever we want… and this is not only my humble opinion,  but it is something you can see just traveling there. You see it on the streets, the way people behave, etc… YES we are nice, funny, open… as characters, Argentinians are always welcoming everyone to their lives, they would always try to make you feel good and are almost always happy. But the last past years as an argentine you couldn’t see this characteristic that is on each one of us, we were all the time complaining and arguing, always looking to the negative side, and ALWAYS expecting the worst to happen to us. Almost like a bad joke, good thing is we know how to laugh at ourselves.

After winning against what represents laziness, theft and corruption (Kirchnerism basically), the argentine people started celebrating, because for us it means much more. Now we can dream with a better “something” for us…

What I loved most from this wining…are all the jokes we get to make for our, thanks God not for too long, President “Cristi” (as some of us call her).



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