Donald Trump and his 10 crazy ideas…

I was in shock after reading a BBC article about his ideas and how he thinks… I mean in which century are we? and he expects to be chosen the next US president! I think I’ve read such things in history books when I was at school, and it was always from the bad guys you know… Is he getting crazier every day that passes? Or is he just the future Bad guy and we must expect something horrible coming from him?


In the BBC article one can see 10 ways, in my opinion, in which he went crazy!

I’ll mention the most interesting ones…


#1 He is 100% sure that the world would be much better if Sadam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still alive. He said to CNN that he believes the situation in Libya and Iraq is much worse know than when they where in the power


#2 He believes US should use stronger ways of torture in extreme interrogations… like “fake drowning”


#3 Trump believes they can and should bomb the IS and make it vanish… scary for a possible future US president, don’t you think?


#4 He believes that global worming is fraud and a lie and that it is only harming the economy.


#5 He said a Nation without borders is not a nation… to this he states that when and if he is president, he would end with the “born” citizenship (that provides people born in US soil to be US citizens) and that he would deport the almost 11 million immigrants that live in the US.  This is a xenophobic way of thinking that goes way back to history… instead of moving forward it seems he wants to go back… and history has proved itself not to be entirely good sometimes.


#6 Trump wants to befriend Putin… if that isn’t SUPER CRAZY! Like come on US and Russia ?!?! friends??…


Last, he truly believes he is a good guy…


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