Corrupt Journalism, can we fix it?

Let’s take Argentina as an example of Politic Journalism. The old government- the Kirchners- installed the idea that since there was an opposite journalism (this means against the government, this means against her- Cristina Kirchner) there had to be then, an “official” one. This is a HORRIBLE idea because, if we say that there is Journalism in favour of one or other party then what is the idea of real journalism? Journalism should not be political. Yes, true, around the world and most of the times they give a really subtle hint of their opinion, but in Argentina it is something completely obvious. You are either with or against the government…

This is a very difficult thing for journalism in Argentina since now, with the new President, and with things changing as they are, journalist who were against each other now will need to work together, and that is something really hard to do and to “change”. It is not something that can be done from one day to the other.

The job of a Journalist is to communicate things/news, to communicate the bad things that are happening, they should put in evidence the people who are doing things in a wrong or illegal way. A journalist should be real, honest and trustful. He or she should not let temptations, lets say money, power, etc. get in their way because they will only last for just a little amount of time. In Argentina a journalist couldn’t expose a corrupt member of the government or a corrupt colleague, because they are also corrupt and because before they get to expose somebody, they get a really good ($$$$) offer or a threat.

Corruption has taken most of the Argentinian journalism and this is something that HAS to be fixed. How?  People should stop following those papers or journalists that are corrupt or, that they know are liars. And also the companies should do something when they know they have a corrupt or liar Journalist, they should take matters into their own hands.


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