Fun with News

Can one make fun of news?

So I spent my holidays in Spain and a “news” program caught my attention. I realized there is a new modality to deal with news, in order to in one hand really get the attention of the people to some news and on the other to “laugh” or take some matters in a more relaxed way.


I know “El Intermedio”, the Spanish program is not the first one or the only one out there making “fun” of news, or reporting them in a, let’s say, different way.


There is also Russell Howard’s “Good News” in his last episode (Season 10, episode 8) he talks about the Floods happening in the UK, but he makes fun between many things of the ways it is reported and of the prime minister. He takes the catastrophe, takes some clips from here and there and turns it into something funny to watch.

I think it is an amazing idea, to turn such sad and terrible things into laugh. It is a way to make people relax and see things from a different angle. It’s good to laugh at our own mistakes and to try to see things from a brighter side.


Russel Howard’s GOOD NEWS S10E8



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