to sum-up

Well… what can I say? I am really grateful that we had to do this Blog for our class because I know for sure that I wouldn’t have got myself that deep into news, media and journalism. I really enjoyed doing some work like this which is completely different from what we do for other subjects.

I learned how incredibly fast technology advances and affects your every day without you ever noticing. That is something else for which I am also glad that I took this subject!

You know all those changes Facebook has gone through… Facebook is one (if not the most) popular social media in the world, and sometimes we do not notice how much it influences our daily life. It might have started as a way to connect with other people, and still there are many that join Facebook for that same purpose. But really Facebook now a day has become something much much more than social connection. It is one of the fastest ways to spread news.
It seems for me, that news report is something in constant development… if you turn your tv on to watch the news or something. Well let’s say it, news channels aren’t what they used to be! Now a day they are more interested in getting high levels of ranking and getting the young adults attention rather than on really reporting news. Sometimes you are just watching and thinking, is this for real? Isn’t it there no real news to report???

So why not choose Facebook? you not only can see what other people are doing, have a chat with some friends, watch some funny videos, etc… but also read the news.

It is like with newspapers, are they coming to an end?? They might do so, who is buying news paper these days? I am not talking about internet but about actual newspapers, I can’t remember when was the last time I purchased a newspaper. If and when I want to read a piece of news or want to see what is happening with the world, I go to the newspapers/news channels websi
te and read It from there. It is quicker, shorter and I save some money.

It is hard to realize that, those mini changes we are going through everyday (eg: reading the newspaper online instead of buying it) are actually affecting in a big scale the way of getting up-to-date; The news market, technology, etc.

Are we prepared for all the changes to come? Do we really want all the changes? Are they slowly and quietly injected to us? Do we have a saying in all these?


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